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        • 一口氣英語

        • 一口氣英語 2

          2009-07-18 所屬欄目:一口氣英語

          [00:00.00]unit 2 I'm looking for a mall.
          [00:05.20]Excuse me,sir.
          [00:13.84]I'm looking for a mall.
          [00:17.40]Is there a mall around here

        • 一口氣英語 1

          2009-07-18 所屬欄目:一口氣英語

          [00:00.00] unit 1 I'm having a party.
          [00:27.40]I'm having a party.
          [00:35.55]It's Fridy night.
          [00:39.00]I want you to come.

        • 一口氣英語 4

          2009-07-18 所屬欄目:一口氣英語

          [00:00.00]unit 4 Can you lower the price?
          [00:05.49]Can you lower the price?
          [00:12.75]Can you make it cheaper?
          [00:16.09]That's way to

        • 一口氣英語 3

          2009-07-18 所屬欄目:一口氣英語

          [00:00.00]unit 3 I'm looking for a pen.
          [00:04.78]I'm looking for a pen.
          [00:13.64]I want a ballpoint pen.
          [00:17.61]Do you have any good ones?
          [00:24.69]What's on sale?
          [00:27.92]What's you

        • 一口氣英語 6

          2009-07-18 所屬欄目:一口氣英語

          [00:00.00]unit 6 Here's a little something.
          [00:05.59]Here's a little something.
          [00:13.64]I got this for you.
          [00:17.11]I hope you like it

        • 一口氣英語 5

          2009-07-18 所屬欄目:一口氣英語

          [00:00.00]unit 5 Happy birhday!
          [00:05.09]Happy birthday! Congratulations!
          [00:18.86]You must be feeling great!
          [00:22.62]It's a big day.

        • 一口氣英語 8

          2009-07-18 所屬欄目:一口氣英語

          [00:00.00]unit 8 Receiving a Gift(II)
          [00:05.30]What can I say?
          [00:13.77]I'm speechless.
          [00:17.01]You shouldn't have.

        • 一口氣英語 7

          2009-07-18 所屬欄目:一口氣英語

          [00:00.00]unit 7 Receiving a Gift(I)
          [00:05.51]Thank you so much.
          [00:13.17]It's wonderful.
          [00:16.51]It's what I always wanted.

        • 一口氣英語 10

          2009-07-18 所屬欄目:一口氣英語

          [00:00.00]unit 10 I'm so lucky!
          [00:06.30]I'm so lucky!
          [00:13.66]I'm really blessed!
          [00:17.82]I'm the luckiest person in the world.

        • 一口氣英語 9

          2009-07-18 所屬欄目:一口氣英語

          [00:00.00] unit 9 This is topntotch.
          [00:04.41]This is topnotch.
          [00:13.48]This is superb.
          [00:18.02]I'm very impressed.

        • 一口氣英語 12

          2009-07-18 所屬欄目:一口氣英語

          [00:00.00] Thanks for the ride.
          [00:04.49]Thanks for the ride.
          [00:12.70]You are a good driver.
          [00:17.06]I owe you one.

        • 一口氣英語 11

          2009-07-18 所屬欄目:一口氣英語

          [00:00.00]unit 11 Do you need a ride?
          [00:05.49]Do you need a ride?
          [00:14.55]Can I give you a lift?
          [00:20.61]How are you getting home?

        • 一口氣英語 英語念經 (mp3+lrc字幕)

          2009-07-18 所屬欄目:一口氣英語

          [00:00.00]I'm having a party.
          [00:03.29]It's Fridy night.
          [00:06.24]I want you to come.
          [00:09.48]You're invited.
          [00:12.23]Are you free?
          [00:14.97]Can you make it?
          [00:17.71]You gotta be the

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