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        Source: 恒星英語學習網    2019-08-05   English BBS   Favorite  

        The U.S. Department of State's Rewards for Justice Program is offering a reward of up to $7 million for information leading to the identification or location of Salman Raouf Salman, also known as Samuel Salman El Reda. He is a key leader of the terrorist organization, Hezbollah.
        Salman is most well-known for his prominent role in the July 18, 1994, bombing of the Argentine Jewish Mutual Aid Society, a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which resulted in the deaths of 85 innocent civilians.

        Salman is a leader of Hezbollah’s External Security Organization, which is responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing Hezbollah terrorist attacks around the globe.
        At the recently concluded Western Hemisphere Counterterrorism Ministerial, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Salman poses an ongoing threat:
        He continues today to conduct terrorism on behalf of Hezbollah. The United States Department of Treasury has designated Salman as a specially designated global terrorist, and we believe this action will deny him all access to the US financial system… We want this killer brought to justice.
        The Rewards for Justice Program is administered by the U.S. Department of State's Diplomatic Security Service. Since its inception in 1984, the program has paid in excess of $150 million to more than 100 people who provided actionable information that helped bring terrorists to justice or prevented acts of international terrorism worldwide.


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