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        Source: 恒星英語學習網    2019-08-02   English BBS   Favorite  

        Hello, this is David Austin with the BBC News.

        Two prominent US Democrats have said radical policies on issues such as health care and immigration are the best way to beat Donald Trump in next year's presidential race. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, both liberal Senators, clashed with eight rivals in a televised debate in Detroit. It was the latest stage of a contest for the Democratic nomination. Barbara Plett-Usher was there. In a primary where all the Democrats want to know who could beat Donald Trump. The debate was essentially about whether bold ideas were the way to go, or a more pragmatic approach. Senator Warren fought her corner with passion. Donald Trump is part of a corrupt, rigged system that has helped the wealthy and the well-connected and kicked dirt in the faces of everyone else. We're not gonna solve the urgent problems that we face with small ideas and spinelessness. The same divides came up on immigration and trade with concern that Republicans could paint left-wing policies as too extreme.

        A roadside bomb has hit a bus in western Afghanistan, killing at least thirty-four people and injuring seventeen others. Officials say many of the dead are women and children. The bus was travelling from Herat to Kandahar when it was attacked in Farah province. Police say the bomb was planted by the Taliban to target Afghan and foreign forces.

        The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is visiting Northern Ireland amid warnings that a hard Brexit would risk splitting up the United Kingdom. He's holding talks with politicians including Mary Lou McDonald, the leader of the Irish Nationalist Party Sinn Fein. She told the BBC that if Britain left the EU without a deal, Northern Ireland should be allowed a vote on whether to unite with the Irish Republic under the terms of a peace accord which was reached two decades ago. I don't know how Britain could crash this part of Ireland out of the European Union with all of the attendant harm and damage economically and politically and with a straight face, suggest to any of us who live on this island that we should not be given the democratic opportunity to decide our future. That would be quite scandalous. Mary Lou McDonald.

        The owner of India's biggest coffee chain, has been found dead thirty-six hours after he went missing. The body of V G Siddhartha who founded Cafe Coffee Day was spotted by fishermen on the banks of a river near the southern city of Mangalore. A letter Mr. Siddhartha wrote suggests he may have killed himself. He wrote that he had failed as an entrepreneur.

        That's the latest BBC news.


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