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        CRI聽力:AI takes the imagination of humans: Belgium artist

        Source: CRI    2019-08-21  我要投稿   論壇   Favorite  

        Popular Brussels-based artist Patrick Tresset says he is delighted to see his image-drawing robot on display as part of a Future Gallery project which kicked off in Beijing on Monday.

        "Actually all my works are about humans, not about technology. Artificial intelligence does really exist, and it takes the imagination of humans."

        As a visitor puts their face in front of the camera, the robot begins to draw an image; but Tresset says the image is not of that person, or any specific person. "It's not the drawing of one face. It's the combination of the memories of the day. Each time you can see it making scribbles, because I don't try to do a portrait. It's really the combination of the humans. It can recognize faces, but not precisely."

        Tresset is among 13 international cutting-edge artists who have artworks on display in this Future Gallery at the Today Art Museum in Beijing.

        Museum founder Zhang Baoquan has expressed his constant support for the art project, which is being held in Beijing for a third time. "The theme of this project is AI. With the coming of 5G, robots may not only involve into but interfere with our lives. It may also bring about a lot of other possibilities in the future. The exhibition is thought-provoking in this regard," said Zhang.

        Alongside the exhibition, a forum on the Future of Art and the Aesthetics of Technology is being held, discussing topics like contemporary art and new media.

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