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      1. 英語資訊


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        Section A: 1-8
        1. D) Why so many girls adored Audrey Hepburn.
        2. B) Her physical condition.
        3. A) She was not an outgoing person.
        4. D) Her family benefited from other people’s help.
        5. A) Give a presentation
        6. C) No staff will be dismissed
        7. B) The reasons for restructuring
        8. B) By emailing questions to the man or the woman

        Section B: 9-15
        9. C) It uses therapy animals to soothe nervous passengers.
        10. B) Finding their way around.
        11. A) Schedule their flights around the animal visit.
        12.C) At the site of an ancient Roman mansion.
        13.A) A number of different images.
        14.D)The impressive skills and costly dyes.
        15. D) He was a rich Italian merchant

        Section C: 16-25
        16. A) They encourage international cooperation.
        17. D) Many of their projects have become complicated.
        18. C) It lags behind other disciplines in collaboration.
        19. B) Scientists discovered water on Venus.
        20. A) It resembles Earth in many aspects.
        21. C) It used to have more water than Earth.
        22. C) Cultural psychology.
        23. D) They generally sleep longer than East Asians.
        24. C) By having wearing motion-detecting watches.
        25. B) It has not explored the cross-cultural aspect of sleep.


        The dream開頭
        26-30   IOJBC       31-35  KHDAF
        26. I) pouring
        27. O) ultimate
        28. J) prototypes
        29. B) detached
        30. C) dual
        31. K) random
        32. H) outrageous
        33. D) glamour
        34. A) autonomous
        35. F) odds


        Companies Are Working with Consumers to Reduce Waste開頭
        36-40   FCMEG     41-45 NHBJD


        Passage One——Effective Friday開頭
        46-50   DACAB
        46. D) The negotiations between them had broken down.
        47. A) It has reaped huge profits in recent years.
        48. C) Extra pay based on sales revenues.
        49. A) They are kept in the dark about many details of their job.
        50. B) Changing the pay system would cause the industry more problems.

        Passage Two——Officials at the White House 開頭
        51-55 DCADB
        51. D) To improve the traffic conditions in space.
        52. C) Regulate the launching of new satellites.
        53. A) Set interpersonal standards for the space flight industry.
        54. D) Make a thorough analysis of any possible addition to the space debris.
        55. B) Develop technology to address the space debris problem.


        China has a vast territory and a large population. In many places of China, people speak their own dialects. The dialects are very different in pronunciation, while there is little difference in vocabulary and grammar. Some dialects, especially those in the north and the south of China, are so different that it is often too difficult for people who speak different dialects to understand each other. The dialect is regarded as a part of the local culture, but the number of people who can speak dialects has been declining in recent years. In order to encourage people to speak more of their local dialects, some local governments have taken some measures, such as offering dialect classes in schools and broadcasting dialect programmes on radio and television, to preserve the local cultural heritage.


        The importance of mutual understanding and respect in interpersonal relationships

            Everyone has his own will and his own ideas about things. As a result, there are always differences between us, which may cause conflicts between people. How can we solve this problem? The answer is to have mutual understanding and respect in interpersonal relationships. The reasons are as follows.
            On the one hand, mutual understanding and respect in interpersonal relationships helps to maintain good and healthy relationships between friends and colleagues. Only the two sides involved are willing to put themselves into other people’s shoes can they understand each other fully, which builds a solid foundation for a deeper relationship and further cooperation. One the other hand, by mutual understanding and respect, people can easily avoid conflicts and solve problems. On many occasions, mutual understanding makes it easy for both parties to reach an agreement on the topic they are discussing. This may help to solve the toughest questions among different cultures and countries. 
             To sum up, it is of great importance for people to gain mutual understanding and respect in interpersonal relationships, for they are the basis for deep and lasting friendships and a harmonious world.


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